How do Cases Work?

Post a patient case for available psychologists to express interest in. Then share shortlisted canidates directly with your patient.

Post a Case

Don't have time to search listings, or not sure who's a good match? Post a case with de-identified patient information and it will be shared with matching practitioners within the network.

Psychologists Express Interest

Psychologists who are both available and believe they are a good match will express interest in the case. You'll be notified when this occurs and be able to select those that you think fit.

Share Shortlisted Candidates

Select psychologists from the list of interested clinicians and then add them to a 'collection' of shortlisted candidates. You can then share this collection with your patient for them to proceed.

Post a Patient Case, Shortlist Candidates

Click through the demo below to see how you can post a case, receive a response from interested psychologists, then shortlist candidates and share with your patient.

Why Cases?

Cases are great when you want to save time searching for available clinicians who are a good match for your patient, or when you're not sure who's a good fit. 90% of Help Link cases get matches within 1 hour of being distributed to the network and on average receive three interested clinicians to choose from.

Cases matched < 1 hour


Average matches per case


Average psychologist waiting list

2 weeks

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