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Dispelling myths about psychology
Psychologists in Sydney: Dispelling TV Myths and Misconceptions
Debunking TV myths, exploring Sydney psychologists' diverse expertise, and finding the right therapist.
Seeing a psychologist for the first time
So You're Thinking About Seeing a Psychologist for the First Time?
You've made the first step to feeling better, here's all you need to know before you see a psychologist for the first time in Australia.
How do I know if I need therapy?
How Do I Know If I Need Therapy?
Considering therapy but unsure if it's right for you? This article helps identify signs that you might need professional help and explores the benefits of therapy. Prioritize your mental health and embark on the journey towards a happier you.
Mental Health Care Plan Ten Sessions Per Year
What is a Mental Health Care Plan and why should I get one?
How Mental Health Care Plans can get you discounted psychologist sessions and help you better manage your care
GP referral for psychologist
Do You Need a Referral from a GP to See a Psychologist in New South Wales?
Discover the benefits of a GP's referral and Mental Health Care Plan when seeing a psychologist in NSW, including coordinated healthcare and potential cost savings via Medicare rebates.
First psychologist session
What is the First Appointment with a Psychologist Like?
Here's what your first appointment with a psychologist will look like, from initial paperwork and assessments to setting a treatment plan and post-session reflections.
How much will it cost to see a psychologist
How Much Will It Cost to See a Psychologist?
Explore the varying costs of psychological services in Australia, understand the financial implications of different treatment lengths, and discover potential avenues for financial support and low-cost options.
What kind of therapy?
What Kind of Therapy Will the Psychologist Do with Me?
Explore various therapeutic approaches psychologists use, including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, and more, to understand how these methods can address different mental health concerns
What is CBT and how can it help you? A client friendly guide
Discover Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: A comprehensive exploration of how CBT works, the conditions it treats, and what to expect during your therapy journey.
Psychologist search
Why Searching for 'Psychologists Near Me' May Not Be The Best Approach
When trying to find a psychologist, people often search things like "Psychologist Near Me Sydney", however this is placing too much emphasis on proximity
Finding the right psychologist match
The Importance of the Therapeutic Alliance in Therapy
Often overlooked is the role of the connection you have with your psychologist has to getting better. Here we explain the therapeautic alliance.
Limitations of proximity based searches
The Limitations of Proximity-Based Searches When Looking For a Psychologist
Searching "psychologist near me" limits your chances of getting the right psychologist-client fit
Wider pool of psychologists
The Benefits of Considering a Wider Pool of Psychologists
Expanding your search beyond local psychologists can provide access to more diverse expertise, specializations, and a potentially better therapeutic match, enhancing your journey to mental wellness.
Psychologist search
How to Find the Right Psychologist for You
Finding the right psychologist involves considering more than just proximity; it's about exploring a wider pool to find the best fit for your unique needs and circumstances.