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I am looking for a psychologist for

After struggling to find somewhere with waiting times this side of 8 weeks, this place was able to send me a couple of psychologists to choose from who were interested in seeing me and had availability. Gabriela has been amazing over the past few months! Thank you 🙏

Tom B


This was my first time looking for a psychologist and I was overwhelmed by all the choices so the guidance and recommendations helped a lot. I'm now seeing Jack and I'm grateful for being on a much better path.

Linda J


They took the time to match me with a psychologist who resonated after I told them some of my history and that I was looking for strategies, not just a sounding board. I've been with Caitlin for over a year now and she's great.

Michelle D


Highly recommend ❤️

Wendy A


Love this service. I wasted so much time (and money) finding someone who resonated with me but finally got there. Two friends have now also found a psychologist through here too.

Rose F


Jenna has been a god send. She always makes time for me and helps me think about my past in new ways. It's really transformed how I deal day to day.

Virginia A


I've been searching for a new psychologist for a while now so I wasn't sure what to expect but I was matched with someone who really resonates with me, and after four sessions, I've started feeling more my self again

Helen C


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